‘Songs of Panchakabi’ designed on dress

Lifestyle Report
Published : 15:41, May 30, 2018 | Updated : 15:46, May 30, 2018

Eminent Indian singer Wriddhi Banergy  is well known as ‘daughter of Panchakabi’. Recently she touch the milestone of two decades of her music career.  To celebrate her musical career she arranged a get together at ICCR, Abanindranath gallery at Calcutta.   

Eminent actor Shaumitra Chattergy inaugurated the arrangement. That time there was a surprise from Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Designer Biplob Shaha’s designed dresses were used as gift. Biplab Saha designed two special Panjabi for  Shaumitra and Goutam Ghosh.

The special Panjabi was printed by  the ‘songs of Panchakabi’. He did the same design on Sharee. The guests were too much happy to see such different design.

Biplob Shaha told to Bangla Tribiune that this is a proud moment for me and for my country. Those eminent actor, film maker and singer were rewarded by my designer dress.