Shafin Ahmed back in Miles as rock group resolves issues within themselves

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 17:40, Aug 09, 2018 | Updated : 17:40, Aug 09, 2018

MILES PHOTO/FacebookMiles have announced that it has resolved all issues within the band and will be back in the stage and the studio with its original line-up.
The rock band had been plagued by controversy for a while after its singer and bassist Shafin Ahmed left the group before issuing a legal notice claiming the sole ownership of the band.
In December last year, Shafin produced legal documents for the entity styled ‘Miles Band Ltd’ before the media asking all concerned parties not to use Miles’s name without his permission.
Hinting to other band members including his brother Hamin, the notice said some people were performing stage shows and making financial exchanges with other entities using the Miles name illegally without written permission from Shafin.
The good news is, they are back with the original line-up, the band said in a post on its Facebook page.
Formed in 1979, Miles is widely considered as one of the most popular rock bands of Bangladesh.
Several months ago, a rumour spread that Shafin is going to step down from his band yet again to pursue his solo career, following his absence in the recent shows.
Shafin dismissed the rumour and assured the fans that he was not leaving the band. The musician also shared that there are some unresolved issues with other band members and he will not appear in any future shows with the band until they are resolved.
Other band members, his brother Hamin, Manam Ahmed, Iqbal Asif Jewel and Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo denied the accusations and claimed there have been no such issues within the band except for Shafin, who they said wants to concentrate on a solo career rather than the band.
Bangla Tribune could not reach Hamin and Shafin for a comment over phone. But people close the rock group said it would appear before the media soon.