'Miss World Bangladesh' starting from Sep 16

Waliul Biswas
Published : 13:37, Sep 13, 2018 | Updated : 13:37, Sep 13, 2018

Dhaka is all set to hold splendid beauty hunt event for 'Miss World Bangladesh' on Sep 16, the host of the event Antar Showbiz said. The organization is going to organise it for the second time in a row.

The winner will be sent to the final stage of Miss World competition in the final week of this month.

Antar Showbiz Chairman Swapan Chowdhury told the Bengali Tribune, "Due to the upcoming election, it was a little late for us to organize the event. But by September, we have to send the name to the Miss World competition. So we want to finalize the names from 16th to 24th this month."

A press conference will be held soon regarding the issue, he added.

Jessia Islam represented Bangladesh in the 'Miss World' contest last year. She reached the top 40 in the final round of the global beauty competition.