Two police officer withdrawn over abduction and ransom complaints

Gazipur Correspondent
Published : 15:15, Feb 08, 2019 | Updated : 15:17, Feb 08, 2019

Representational imageThere are reports that two police officers abducted three youths and demanded Tk 3 million as ransom. Reportedly, the officers threatened of cross fire if the money wasn’t paid.

In this connection, Assistant Sub-Inspector of Kaliakair, Abdullah Al Mamun and Assistant Sub-Inspector of Mirzapur, Tangail, Musfiqur Rahman were withdrawn.

The three rescued youths are: Raihan, Labib and Naushad.

Reportedly, the youngsters were apprehended by the withdrawn police officers when they stopped at a filling station in Kaliakair.

After the three were taken, Tk 3 million was allegedly demanded which came down to Tk 1 million after negotiation.

It’s found that the two officers once worked in Detective Branch (DB) and were involved in abducting people and demanding money.

Accused ASI, Abdullah Al Mamun, said, “I did not want ransom, it was demanded by Mirzapur police.”

Gazipur Additional Superintendent of police Rasel Sheikh said, “After the incident, two officers have been withdrawn.”

Gazipur Superintendent of police Shamsunnahar said, “If the accusations are found to be true then divisional action will be taken against the accused.”