'Digital Bangladesh takes us to future where technology supports humans'

Md A Halim
Published : 07:30, Jan 31, 2020 | Updated : 07:30, Jan 31, 2020

The electoral manifesto of AL in 2008 contained the world Digital Bangladesh. As 2021 is approaching the digital face of the country is emerging.
Obviously, the question is what will happen after 2021? It’s found that in 2021, one step will be achieved and then Bangladesh will aspire for the second step called Digital Bangladesh 2.0.
With each new step after that it will be Digital Bangladesh 2.1 and so on and so forth.
Post and telecommunication minister Mustafa Jabbar, said: “Digital Bangladesh is Bangabandhu’s sonar Bangla. On the 50th anniversary of the country we will have achieved it.”
In making Sonar Bangla our tool will be digital technology.
Bangladesh is an agro based land and we always emphasized on it not technology; we began with the dream of transforming an agro based country into a digital one, he added.
“By 2021, we will be a mid income state but our main target is Bengal free of poverty and hunger.”
To focus on these areas we are holding the Digital Bangladesh fair. The world is now on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution and we will be part of it too, added the minister.
We will use robots to support people.
The traditional method of teaching has to be changed to introduce a digital way;
We are not backward in the usage of mobile, internet but we need to enter the world of bigdata, robotics, data analysis, virtual reality, augmented reality, observed the minister.