Two more submarine cables by 2023

Md A Halim
Published : 07:30, Nov 15, 2019 | Updated : 07:30, Nov 15, 2019

Wikimedia Commons
Bangladesh will get two more submarine cables by 2023; one will be through government and the other from private initiative. The government one will be opened for commercial use in March 2023 while the other one wants to come before 2021.
A local company has expressed interest to get license to give submarine cable connections. The government has also taken this positively. Meanwhile, Bangladesh has signed an MoU with C-MIWi-6 consortium to set up submarine cables.
Post and telecommunication minister, Mustafa Jabbar, has said: “We plan to start submarine cable by March, 2023 but before that, cables will be in operation through a private sector engagement.”
A local company has applied to us and their proposal seemed feasible, we will see if they have the technical capability or not, said the minister adding: “If everything is satisfactory then the local company will get the license.”
To safeguard the business of the local company, the import of bandwidth through terrestrial cables will be stopped, added the minister.
At present, 1400 Gigabytes per Second, GBPS, bandwidth is being used from India and of this, 800 GBPS is coming through the country’s first and second submarine cables and 600 GBPS from terrestrial cables.
Relevant quarters say that the capability of third submarine cable will be 10 thousand GBPS. From Singapore, 5 thousand will come to landing station in Cox’s Bazar and 5000 from France.
It’s found that Bangladesh also wants to be a partner of the connectivity plan involving Asian countries.
Talking about Asian high way connectivity, Mustafa Jabbar, observed: “This will be activated in 2026 and Bangladesh will be connected to it. Our target is to create connectivity till Singapore via Malaysia.”
"I will talk to transport minister to ensure that he keeps the facility to place cables while constructing new roads," said Jabbar.
“Connectivity will be created on the road which will go to Malaysia via India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia; so Bangladesh will get a huge boost.”