Somewhere In Blog unblocked after eight months

Bangtla Tribune Report
Published : 20:09, Oct 25, 2019 | Updated : 20:31, Oct 25, 2019

SomewhereinblogThe government has unblocked Somewhere In Blog eight months after it blocked access to the largest Bengali-language community blog platform by late February this year.
“You may not be aware that Tiktok, Bigo, Somewhereinblog are no longer blocked," Post and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said in a Facebook post on Thursday (Oct 25) night.
The moderators of the blog thanked the minister for unblocking the site.
"Somewhere In Blog was unblocked at last: The truth prevailed,” they said in thanking post to the minister published on its homepage.
In February, the government blocked more than 20,000 websites Tiktok, Bigo, Somewhereinblog as part of its "war against pornography".