Online cattle markets bring relief to buyers

Md Abdul Halim
Published : 10:00, Aug 07, 2019 | Updated : 10:00, Aug 07, 2019

Cattle selling markets online are widely known now; in this system, no one has to undergo the trouble of going to the actual market and spend hours in the heat to buy a cow. Just go to the site, choose an animal, click and then the animal will be sent to the buyer’s home. There are multiple ways for payment: debit card, mobile banking and cash on delivery.
Online haats are becoming popular very fast though there isn’t any statistics on them. However, those linked to the trade say that the space of online marketing is expanding and advertisements are also placed on social media platforms.
Through Facebook, Sadik Agro is carrying out the publicity for a cow called Titanic this year which they are claiming to be the biggest cow this Eid.
The cow’s height is 7 feet by 10 feet weighing 1500 kg with a staggering price tag of Tk 2.8 million.
Talking about the online marketing, general secretary of the e-commerce association of Bangladesh, Abdul Wahed Tomal, says: “the online haats will become active two to three days prior to Eid. Since there is the matter of sending the purchased cows to the buyer, these markets end before traditional cattle markets.”
Online buying has many advantages: one can buy as per one’s wishes and there is the comfort factor where a buyer does not have to face dirt, filth and crowd. began selling cows online in 2015 and its head of marketing Ishita Sharmin, says: “the response from buyers is rising fast; this year we have more than ten thousand ads.”
E-commerce institute Daraz has also organized a cattle market which sells cows belonging to women entrepreneurs from Gaibandha. These cows have been fed organic food and reared at homes.
Chief executive of, Ashiqul Islam Khan, observes: “we are offering cows this year and if someone buys from us then we will take the animal to the buyer’s preferred address.”
Other online haats include: Bengal Meat, American Dairy, Desi Meat, Daraz, Priyo Shop, Amar Desh and Amar Gram.