Bewildering number of mobile packages curtailed

Hitlar A Halim
Published : 06:00, Oct 13, 2018 | Updated : 06:00, Oct 13, 2018

Hundreds of voice and Internet packages of mobile operators will be curtailed. Government regulating agency demands that this initiative has been taken to give special privileges to mobile phone operators.
As part of this, ‘United Floor Price’ has been launched for voice calls. There’s also another facility, under which, a subscriber can switch the operator without changing the number.
Subscribers believe more Internet packages would have brought more benefit.
With limited packages, subscribers won’t get too many options.
Government, on the other hand, has decided to reduce the number of packages since too many overwhelm the subscriber and make it difficult for them to choose the right one.
Recently, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, BTRC, has defined a 35 package ceiling for mobile operators, ordering the specified number to be implemented from 1 July.
The five mobile companies had a total of 617 packages. 102 for GP, 258 for Robi and Airtel, 76 for Banglalink and 42 for Teletalk.
Minister for post, telecommunication and information technology, Mustafa Jabbar said: “keeping hundreds of confusing packages is a ploy to bewilder the subscriber and it must end.”
Operators which offer Internet at the lowest rate will get the most subscribers in the future, he added.
“To my knowledge, some operators have already started to offer attractive packages and more will come soon,” observed the minister.
Banglalink’s corporate affairs head, Taimur Rahman, said: “we have brought the number of packages down from 76 to 60.”
Robi and Airtel have already brought it down by fifty percent.