BNP Dhaka-10 candidate demands re-election

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 21:13, Mar 21, 2020 | Updated : 21:14, Mar 21, 2020

BNP Dhaka-10 by-polls candidate Sheikh Rabiul Islam addressed a media call on Mar 21BNP candidate for Dhaka-10 Sheikh Rabiul Islam has demanded re-election to the constituency saying that the party has boycotted the polls.
“BNP and I boycott elections where people couldn’t cast their votes,” Rabiul said before the by-polls results were published on Saturday (Mar 21).
Responding to queries from the journalists on if he won, he said, “Whereas people can’t even vote, making me the winner would be a farce.”
Saying that voter turnout was extremely low, he added “However, around 500 people gathered near some polling centres.”
He alleged that those were not voters but outsiders hired by Awami League candidate to take over the centres.