Ershad’s ex-wife Bidisha caught in property feud

Aditto Rimon
Published : 12:40, Nov 26, 2019 | Updated : 21:47, Nov 27, 2019

Complication prevails over the right to property concerning ‘President Park’ house in Baridhara ---- Bidisha, former wife of HM Ershad of Jatiya Party, and a trust body are engaged in a legal tussle. Though Ershad’s son Eric Ershad wants to stay here with his mother Bidisha, the trust is the main impediment.

The trustees say that unless Bidisha leaves the house, they will go to court. But Bidisha is determined to stay by the side of a child with special needs. She can also assert her rights and that’s exactly what Bidisha is doing. Jatiya Party leaders are silent over the issue.

Party leaders want to know the reasons behind the feud. Bidisha reportedly did not play any role in the life of Eric, Ershad's son life in the past 14 years. Eric lives in the house.

Acting chairman of Ershad Trust, Major (retd) Khaled Akhter, says: “Bidisha cannot stay here under any circumstances; the trust clearly says that she is not permitted to take over or enjoy any property.”

If she wants to look after her son, then she can go elsewhere, he added.

Bidisha counters: “The trust does not state that Eric cannot stay with me. It accepts that one part of the wealth will go to Eric’s family. Eric is 18 and he has decided that his mother will stay here.”

Since Nov 15 last, Bidisha has been living with his son, Eric Ershad. On Nov 18, Eric lodged a general diary at the police station to keep Bidisha at President Park.

Then on Nov 23, major (retd) Khaled Akhter lodged a GD, protesting Bidisha’s stay as illegal.

File photo shows Eric Ershad with his mother BidishaErshad formed the trust on Apr 7 and the provisions cover the house in Baridhara, two flats in Gulshan, shop in Banglamotor, cold storage in Rangpur, Palli nibash, Jatiya Party office in Rangpur, fixed deposit of Tk 100 million in the bank and other assets.

As per Khaled Akhter, the total value of the assets will be around Tk 500 to Tk 600 million.

Ershad died at Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Dhaka on Apr 15 last.

From that time, Bidisha has been saying that GM Quader is preventing her from seeing her son, Eric.

Saying that a letter has been sent to the Prime Minister, ACC and the president, Bidisha, observed: “Let’s see what the Prime Minister says.”

She will also apply to have a receiver appointed for the trust to prevent anyone from enjoying the property even if Eric dies.

Meanwhile, Jatiya Party leaders say: “The feud between GM Quader and Bidisha is a family issue, we cannot do anything here.”

Jatiya Party leader advocate Rezaul said: “The issue is a family matter but there will be questions as to why Bidisha’s maternal instincts rose all of a sudden after she had remained aloof for 14 years?”

Bidisha alleges that GM Quader is trying to occupy the assets but he has no link with the trust. How can he take control of the properties, she asks.

Only time will tell if Bidisha has any ulterior motive in this, JP sources say.