Jamaat’s rejoinder; Bangla Tribune’s reply!

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 12:35, Nov 22, 2019 | Updated : 13:20, Nov 22, 2019

Secretary of Jamaat’s central publicity division, professor Tasnim Alam, has protested a Bangla Tribune report, published on Wednesday (Nov 20), which stated that the party was facing a critical time over the appointment of secretary general.
He called the report misleading and imaginary; he expressed his opposition to the report on a statement signed by M Alam of the party’s publicity wing.
Tasnim Alam has stated: “The reporter has made an imaginary report without knowing the organogram of the party; Jamaat does not have any factions.”
Tasnim added: “There is no scope for anyone to express interest over a post; as per the organogram, such activities are deemed cardinal crimes.”
Our clear statement on the report is that after the newly elected amir, Dr Shafiqur Rahman, takes oath, the secretary general will be appointed after discussion with the relevant party forum.
The speculation of rifts within the party over the selection of secretary general is completely untrue.
Jamaat’s amir did not specify whom he prefers so it’s not possible for the reporter of Bangla Triune or any other news agency to know who is favoured and who is not.
By calling assistant secretary general Moulana Rafiqul Islam, a hardliner, the reporter has blackmailed him which is also defamatory.
Meanwhile, the reporter has said: “All information in the report was acquired after talking to leading party officials; since party members are barred from talking to the media, no name was mentioned as per the fundamental ethics of journalism.”
The report also mentions the statements of chief election commissioner ATM Masum and former party secretary Abdul Hannan. The accusation of Tasnim Alam that the report is concocted, is incorrect.
The report clearly mentions that statements made by party leaders. Party’s assistant secretary general Rafiqul Islam has been called militant not with a desire to slander his name; the views of party leaders about him were highlighted only. Rafiqul Islam Khan could not be contacted and the report has been made after assessing information and facts.”

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