Jubo League bringing balance of power in top posts

Mahbub Hassan
Published : 00:00, Nov 20, 2019 | Updated : 00:00, Nov 20, 2019

Bangladesh Awami Jubo League seeks to bring balance in the powers enjoyed by the chairman and general secretary. A proposal in this regard will be made in the upcoming conference.
On Monday (Nov 18), Jubo League presidium member Shaheed Serniabat confirmed the news to Bangla Tribune.
Jubo League organogram has a provision which prevents anyone from competing more than twice for the post of chairman or general secretary, but if needed by the organisation, someone can be nominated for a third time.
Also, the chairman and general secretary can jointly deal with any complaint during the conference.
In providing explanation of the organogram, the chairman will have sole power and, in such a case, the chairman’s explanation will be deemed final.
Shaheed Serniabat added: “In other areas too, chairman-general secretary can jointly act.”
Jubo League General Secretary Haurn ur Rashid says: “The balance of power was discussed at the organization. A sub committee is working on this and they will submit a draft after finalizing a proposal. Once that is passed in the council’s session, the proposal will be finally approved.”