Raushon Ershad does not accept GM Quader as chairman

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Published : 11:30, Jul 23, 2019 | Updated : 16:54, Jul 23, 2019

Jatiya Party (JaPa) chief Ghulam Muhammed Quader (R) with Rowshan Ershad at a party meeting at Suhrawardy Udyan on Oct 20, 2018. Photo/SAZZAD HOSSAIN.Raushon Ershad is unwilling to accept GM Quader as the head of Jaitya Party (JaPa). In a hand written press statement written on the pad of the parliament deputy leader, she has claimed that GM Quader was declared chairman without any proper discussion.
In the statement, she has asked GM Quader to be the acting chairman until the next chairman is election as per the party organogram.
She has been supported by seven MPs and two presidium members. Raushon Ershad told Bangla Tribune: “I gave this statement; since this was done in an emergency, it was hand written.”
Raushon Ershad is currently the opposition deputy leader in parliament; after suffering for a long time, party chairman and parliament deputy leader, HM Ershad died on Jul 14 last. Due to illness, he entrusted temporary chairmanship to his brother, GM Quader.
On Jul 18, Raushon Ershad, introduced GM Quader as the chairman of the party to the media but five days later, she and her followers refused to accept him as chairman.
In the press statement, Raushon has written: “Through different media, we have come to learn that GM Quader, the acting chairman, has been declared the full chairman which was not done through proper discussion. As per party organogram, acting chairman will carry on with the opinion and support of the majority of members in the presidium.
We hope that the acting chairman will carry on performing the duties until a chairman is elected as per party guidelines.”
The statement mentions the names of seven MP’s and presidium members and they include: Barrister Abisul Islam Mahmud MP, Fakhrul Imam MP, Selim Osman MP, Liaqat Hossain Khoka MP, Rowshan Ara Mannan MP, Nasrin Jahan Ratna MP, Masuda M Rashid Chowdhury MP, Mir Abdus Sabur and professor Delwar Hossain.
Earlier in the year, Ershad replaced GM Quader as deputy leader of the opposition with Raushon Ershad.
During 2014 election, GM Quader was admitted to the Combined Medical Hospital (CMH) in Dhaka and he was out of parliament for five years. At that time, Raushon Ershad was the leader of the opposition. For five years, Ershad was the PM’s special envoy.

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