Oikya Front will only be effective when BNP gets its act together: Allies

Salman Tareque Sakil
Published : 05:30, Jun 10, 2019 | Updated : 13:13, Jun 10, 2019

Oikya Front to contest polls with BNP`s electoral symbol `paddy sheaf`.Though JSD president, A S M Abdur Rab called a special meeting on Saturday, 8 June, it got cancelled by Nagorik Oikya president Mahmudur Rahman Manna.

Oikya Front leaders have said that first BNP has to come to line. Even BNP standing committee leaders have said that BNP leadership will begin to seek answers to certain questions.

Several important leaders of the steering committee of the Jatiya Oikya Front, said: “without BNP, all efforts will falter and therefore, BNP has to delineate a political strategy.”

Several questions have also emerged: whose command is BNP implementing? Why is BNP saying that once they have their house in order they will go into a movement? Why was opposition workers, activists harassed during national elections when the PM promised that would not happen? Why did BNP decide to take oath when initially it called other oath taking members traitors?

Several people feel that the spirit of agitation has been compromised.

Even a leading BNP leader has said: “BNP has to answer why it went to parliament.”

Executive president of Gano Forum, Subrata Chowdhury, added: “there are some complications which may be fixed in one meeting; there’s a meeting on Monday next where all issues will be discussed.”

Another Oikya Front steering committee member Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury, observed: “BNP’s problems are created by its standing committee members.”

The decision of Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir to refrain from joining parliament is the right move, he added.

Oikya Front ally, Nagorik Oikya’s convener, Mahmudur Rahman Manna, says: “how Oikya Front will make a turn-around will depend on BNP.”

We are sitting idle for five months and that can be changed with concerted efforts from BNP, he added.