Unity with BNP only if it shuns Jamaat: Kamal Hossain

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 17:27, Sep 11, 2018 | Updated : 17:30, Sep 11, 2018

Dr Kamal Hossain says he has never allied with Jamaat-e-Islam in his entire life and will not budge from the stance.Gano Forum chief Dr Kamal Hossain has made it clear that his party will forge a national unity with the BNP only if it cuts all ties with the Jamaat-e-Islami.
Addressing a media call on Tuesday at the National Press Club, he said Jamaat was not a political party anymore as its “registration has been scrapped”.
“I and our party won’t do it, but I can’t know what other parties will do,” he said when asked whether they will go for forging a national unity with BNP keeping Jamaat.
Hossain said that he was allied with Jamaat in his entire and will not budge from his stance at this point of his life before adding: “They are not a political party anymore. Their registration (with the Election Commission) has been scrapped.”
Expressing concern over what he described as large-scale arrests by plainclothes police, he said that the administration has drifted away from the constitutional rule.
“Power must be exercised following the rules and abiding by the Constitution. We’re now worried we’re going beyond the constitutional rule,” he said urging the government to ensure that the people are not harassed and law enforcers do not abuse power.
Alluding that the incumbent government was not formed through a democratic process, Hossain said, “They took office for the first five years after being elected and ruled the next five years through a formality. I do not want to say anything about this administration’s exit. It’s for the people to say.”