First women only hotel in city to open on Mar 8

Saddif Ovee
Published : 14:28, Feb 28, 2020 | Updated : 14:30, Feb 28, 2020

Basanti NibashTo meet the housing crisis of women in city, Basanti Nibash is being constructed in Pallabi. Slated to begin operation from 8 March, International Women’s Day, the lowest rent for a room will be Tk. 71 for two nights.

Those who have begun the project say that many women who come to the city to give exams or appear for job interviews often face accommodation problems and rooms at a reasonable price will help such women.

Basanti Nibash is being constructed in Pallabi. There will be 18 bunk beds in 4-5 rows which will allow 36 persons to stay together.

There will be a common toilet, two bathrooms, clothes-washing facility, dining room, wi-fi facility and sanitary napkin vending machine.

This is being made by Bidyananda Foundation with the thought of providing reassurance to parents who will send their children to the cities.

Basanti NibashFor students, the rent is Tk. 71 while for working women Tk. 299. Other women can also stay but for them the rate is Tk. 880. The rent will include breakfast of biscuits, one banana and a cup of coffee.

Bidyananda Foundation makes food for underprivileged children and those who stay in the hotel can also take the same food for a certain price.

To stay at the Bashonti Nibash, a student or a job-seeking woman will have to show proof of her status. This place will have CCTV surveillance and security staff.

Founder of Bidyananda Foundation Kishore Kumar Das, says, "One of our volunteers had to spend a night with her husband at a cheap hotel where they were harassed by the manager and his cohorts.

"When that woman was recounting the tale of that horrible night at the hotel, she was crying. Deeply disturbed by her account, I promised her to construct a safe hotel for women,” Kumar added.

An executive officer of the foundation Munira adds: “To stay here, a woman has to show her papers and national ID card; there will be security and this is the country’s first residential hotel only for women.”

She said that the hotel will also have book vending machines.