Act now to eradicate mosquitoes and prevent crisis: specialists

Jakia Ahmed, Shahed Shafiq
Published : 00:00, Feb 27, 2020 | Updated : 00:00, Feb 27, 2020

A Culex quinquefasciatus mosquito is seen on the skin of a human host in this 2014 picture from the Center for Disease Control. REUTERS/FILE PHOTOA group of entomologists of the education ministry has said that while Aedis mosquitoes may be under control, the number of Culex mosquitoes may rise at an alarming rate. They suggested taking immediate steps to prevent the spread of mosquitoes.
Professor of Zoology, of Jahangirnagar University, Dr Kabirul Bashar, said: “Unless steps are taken soon, residents of Dhaka may be swarmed by mosquitoes after 15 days.”
Since rain will begin soon, we must be careful not to allow water to accumulate anywhere; all pots and items where water can stagnate need to be removed said Bashar.
The city residents also need to be aware of.
Currently, a survey is being done on mosquitoes and it will be carried out in different areas of Dhaka.
“Finding 200 larvae in a half litre of water indicates a lot of mosquitoes; we have seen eggs on the water which will soon turn into full-blown mosquitoes within two weeks and so, the work has to be done fast.”
DSCC mayor Sayeed Khokon said: “From Wednesday (Feb 26), a special crash programme to eradicate breeding grounds of mosquitoes will start; we have increased manpower and equipment at all wards and are working with specialists.”