Foreigners still in prison after serving time

Jamal Uddin
Published : 07:00, Feb 14, 2020 | Updated : 07:00, Feb 14, 2020

A general view of Dhaka Central Jail, Keraniganj. PHOTO/ with allegations of fraud and other crimes, 679 foreigners are locked in the country’s prisons. Of them, 65 are serving sentences.
While the sentence of 82 person has ended they are serving as release prisoner or RP. Since their own country did not take their responsibility or no relative came to take them back, the prisoners are still in prison as release prisoners because they do not have valid papers to remain in Bangladesh.
Home ministry and prison sources say that many people come to Bangladesh from African and other nations on tourist, student or business visas and do not leave the country when the visas expire. Many become entangled with criminals groups. Some become involved fraudulent schemes offering jobs overseas, lottery and ATM scams.
Until Feb 10, there are 58 foreigners in the prisons of Dhaka division including 3 women and there are 5 under RP.
The highest number of foreigners are in Chattogram prison with 294 persons of which 13 are women. Of these, 32 are serving sentence.
In Dhaka central jail, there are two Indians, one Nepali, one Pakistani, one American and one Spanish.
Many Rohingyas are also in prison for their involvement in a variety of crimes.
Home Minister Asadizzman Khan says: “Many are still in prison after their sentence is over because neither their relatives nor their country of citizenship came forward to claim them.”