Faced money laundering charges at home, Desh TV Director's Canada house in new look

Dipu Sarwar
Published : 22:04, Feb 13, 2020 | Updated : 21:21, Feb 14, 2020

Photo shows the renovated detached-house owned by Desh TV Director Arif Hsasn in Toronto's North York.The luxurious house owned by private satellite channel Desh TV Director Arif Hsasn in Canada has gone under a massive renovation, according to photos obtained by Bangla Tribune.
Bangla Tribune received a cache of documents and photos on Feb 11-12 containing details on buying deals and renovation work of the apartment located in upscale North York area of Toronto.
Documents show the ownership of the apartment was changed four times since May 8, 2000, with Arif bought the house for CAD3.65 million or Tk 236.2 million on Sept 27, 2019.
Apart from Arif, his wife Emily Foyez and a Canadian citizen Sufia Chowdhury hold ownership in the 6000-square feet plot.
According to the documents, Arif himself was present to oversee the deal as the house was bought through a private dealing with payment in full.
Following the change in ownership, the detached-house on 82, Hollywood Avenue in North York went under a massive renovation, according to photos obtained by Bangla Tribune.
Documents show Arif spent CAD1 million or Tk 64.31 million to revamp the old structure. A detached house that is not joined to any other house.
Questions are buzzing among Bangladeshi expatriates in Toronto since Arif renovated the house. Owing a house or apartment is still a dream for Bangladeshis living in the North American country.
Bangla Tribune couldn't reach Arif for comment after several attempts.
Arif and his wife are still yet to be naturalised. Which is why he allowed a Canadian to have a significant portion of the house's ownership to avoid 15 percent tax for foreigners under the country's laws.
Though renovation of the house ends, none of Arif family lives there. Arif has been in Bangladesh since the ACC issued a travel ban against him last year and his wife lives in Toronto.
The ACC, however, said they are looking for Emily's details in cooperation with the Canadian government and the Bangladeshi expatriates.
ACC officials declined to comment citing investigation on.
Photo shows Desh TV Director Arif Hsasn, who faces a travel ban since November 2019.TRAVEL BAN
In a letter on Nov 18, 2019, the graft watchdog wrote to the Special Branch of Police asking the latter to issue a travel ban against Arif, who is also a leader of Association of Television Channel Owners (ATCO).
The travel ban came as the ACC opened a probe into the allegations of amassing wealth illegally, embezzling and laundering money from banks, doing corruption and irregularities through syndicate against Arif.
The ACC also froze his bank accounts in last November.
The Desh TV director has changed his passport for six times between 2011 and 2018 but couldn't explain why when the ACC quizzed him.
Hasan Telecom, who is owned by Arif, has a defaulted load of Tk 2.75 billion in National Banks' Mohakhali branch.
On Nov 27, 2018, the bank's board of directors approved an overdraft loan of Tk 2.75 billion in favour of Hasan Telecom for five years after the company applied for a loan against a work permit of Tk 4.78 billion under a direct-to-home project.
The bank transferred the money Arif's account in three phases between on Nov 29 and Dec 3 and he withdrew all of it.
On Jan 24 this year, Arif also applied for raising the loan ceiling to Tk 3.35 billion.
Photo shows the old structure of the house owned by Desh TV Director Arif Hsasn in Toronto's North York.LAVISH LIFE
Arif, along with his father, owned a luxury apartment in capital's Gulshan and a plot in Bashundhara Residential Area in Baridhara.
They have saving certificates worth Tk 50 million and Tk 1.21 billion in fixed deposit receipt (FDR) and in bank accounts.
When the ACC inquired them they couldn't show any legal sources of income.
Besides, Arif uses a luxury Toyota Land Cruiser V8 SUV worth nearly Tk 50 million.
An ACC probe found that the vehicle is registered with another person and it has been kept hidden somewhere in the capital's Bailey Road area since the graft watchdog moved against him.
According to the ACC, Arif invested Tk 7.44 million in Desh Tv's shares, and Tk 600,000 in Desh Entertainment's shares and Tk 800,000 in Hasan Telecom's shares.
(1 Canadian Dollar = 64.31 Bangladeshi Taka)