Zero pass rate in medical colleges alarms authority

Jakia Ahmed
Published : 07:30, Jan 20, 2020 | Updated : 07:30, Jan 20, 2020

This undated photo shows students attending a class at Mymensingh Medical College. PHOTO/ higher education, the pass rate of doctors has fallen. In the July session of 2019, the passing rate of doctors has been zero.
Specialists say: The MS format is different to that of MBBS which results in deficiency.
There is a belief that this is happening due to lack of supervision.
Teachers at the medical colleges are usually under pressure because they teach MD and FCPS, say specialists adding: “Therefore, instead of offering higher degrees at medical colleges, students should be allowed to get admitted to BSMMU so they will be under constant monitoring.”
There is question about the quality of education the students received. Students on the other hand have said that teachers of universities with zero pass rates should accept failure and resign.
Several doctors have said that since the process is under BSMMU they will have to take the responsibility for the failure.
Several teachers of BSMMU have said that the result debacle is due to an absence of proper monitoring.
There are departments where not even six classes are taken a year and course design and module are not followed, said several students.
Principal of Dhaka Medical College, Dr Khan Abul Kalam Azad, said: “I was hurt and shocked by the result.”
“We need to see if students are really prepared for the post graduate.”
Dr Khan Abul Kalam Azad, said: “In past, students were relatively more skilled.”
Principal of the Chattogram Medical College, Dr Mohamamd Shamim Hassan, said: “We have given attention to the matter and will sit with the students, find the problems and try to rectify them.”
Former dean of BSMMU’s basic science and para clinical science, Dr Iqbal Arslan, observes: “The blame lies both on teachers and students; there is also a lack of seniority among teachers.”
Pro VC of BSMMU, Dr Md Shahidullah Sikder said: “We cannot blame any one party; teachers impart lessons on the hope that students will pass. But the fact that no one passed is alarming and we need to attach maximum importance to the matter.”