HC's 'no fitness no fuel' order being flouted

Shahed Shafiq
Published : 02:00, Dec 12, 2019 | Updated : 02:00, Dec 12, 2019

Court has ordered petrol pumps not to give fuel to cars without fitness and licence. Though all pumps have been received the order in this regard, it’s not being implemented.
The pumps are strict in front of police and mobile courts but at other times, they are lax in following the court directive.
Pump owners say that due to un-cooperative attitude of the car owners, the court order cannot be implemented.
Others claim they are implementing the court order to the letter.
A survey of the Shanta CNG Fuelling Station in Kamalapur shows that papers were being asked from some while others were allowed to go without checking.
Assistant manager of the pump, Md Azaduzzaman, said: “We do not give any fuel without checking papers and hence, our sales have fallen sharply.”
'In the past, we sold on average fuel worth Tk 300,000 every day and now, that has fallen to Tk 150,000', he said.
'Many owners of cars without papers phone us, demanding fuel but we are not accommodating their requests. As a result, many are taking their cars outside Dhaka,' added Asaduzzaman.
A visit to Rahman Filling Station in Motijheel shows that papers are not being asked for any cars though the banner stating: “It’s prohibited to sell fuel to cars without fitness” was found hanging at the entrance of the station.
When asked, the petrol pump owner, Abdur Rahman, said: “Police have given us a directive and we are informing the drivers and the owner of cars. If we try to check their papers there will be a huge line in front of the station. We are talking to car owners and they are becoming conscious.”
“In addition, we do not understand car papers and people take offence when we ask to see documents which lead to arguments,” added Rahman.
Director of BRTA, Md Lokman Hossain Mollah, said: “We informed all pumps not to supply fuel to cars without fitness and if anyone is found breaching the order then legal steps will be taken.”