Tk 5.6m seized in drug raid turns to Tk 1.8m on paper!

Dipu Sarwar
Published : 08:46, Nov 18, 2019 | Updated : 08:51, Nov 18, 2019

Photo caption: Combination of file photos show Mohammad Khorshed Alam (L) and AKM Kamrul Islam.During a raid by anti-narcotics department, a drug dealer, Shanto Babu was arrested with yaba and Tk 5.6 million. But the case report mentions that Tk 1.8 million was found. Of the remaining amount, Tk 3.8 million, a source was given Tk 600,000 and the rest was reportedly divided between two persons: director of Dhaka metro area north, Mohammad Khorshed Alam and inspector of Ramna circle, AKM Kamrul Islam. The investigation was headed by inspector Kamrul.

Both Khorshed and Kamrul refuted the allegation. Kamrul said: “As per government rules, I was given Tk 360,000 of the recovered Tk 1.8 million.”

However, Shanto Babu’s family claims that Tk 5.6 million was taken.

The probe was carried out on Sept 11, 9 am at the semi-concrete tin shed home in south Khilgaon, The Bangla Tribune has come in possession of two video recordings of Khorshed quizzing Shanto’s wife Bithi and mother Momtaz Begum.

The video appears to be staged.

Inspector Kamrul says: “Based on the information, the drive was carried out at the home of Mahbub; he used to conceal yaba in a cage housing pet birds. Reportedly, he has served in prison for drug offences before.”

Khorshed adds: “Shanto Babu used to provide home delivery of yaba and also operated the trade employing 10/12 young couriers.”

Shanto’s wife Bithi says: “The space of Shanto’s home was given to a developer who paid the money and with this money, we were trying to send him abroad. This cash was taken during the drive.”