Students, DMP will work in December for safe road awareness

SM Abbas
Published : 09:26, Nov 15, 2019 | Updated : 09:28, Nov 15, 2019

To raise awareness about new traffic law, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police will come on the road with students in December.
Awareness building programmes will also run at academic institutions. This has been taken to implement the directive of the PM on occasion of the safe road day held on Oct 22.
The traffic department will be held by the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, BRTA. Proposal has been made to start the awareness campaign from 15 December involving Rover Scouts, Girl Guides, Bangladesh National Cadet Corps, students of various schools and colleges.
Additional commissioner of DMP’s traffic department, Mofiz Uddin, said: “To implement the new law, we will enforce a safe road room for 15 days and will raise awareness among people from all layers of society.”
Deputy secretary of the education ministry, Dr Md Moksed Ali, said: “As per the directive of the PM, a list of schools in the capital has been asked and the education ministry will provide all out support for this.”
After two students were killed on the Airport Road on Jul 29 last year, the safe road movement gathered momentum across the nation.