We are eating plastic!

Udisa Islam
Published : 09:30, Oct 29, 2019 | Updated : 14:20, Nov 02, 2019

Singe use plastic enters our bodies through food, increasing the risk of Cancer. Research says that micro-plastic is found in the stomach of fish, which we consume unknowingly.
Micro plastic has been found in fish at Dhanmondi Lake and Buriganga River. Researchers say that 63 percent of waste plastic comes from food wrappers. From tissue bags to juice packets to cotton buds – everything has plastic.
The Environmental and Social Development Organisation says that the country produces 53,978 tonnes of plastic every year. Of this, 12,269 tonnes are produced in Dhaka. A passenger uses 9 types of plastic items while eating food during a 40 minute domestic flight.
Professor of Stamford University, Md Kamruzzaman, says: “Plastic has entered the food chain; these break into granules and mix with water in the ponds and rivers and end up in a variety of fish. These remain in the stomach of fish and when we eat the fish, enter our systems.”
'Our research has found micro-plastic in the water of Dhanmondi Lake and Buriganga; one time plastic items need to be banned with legislation', he added.
Secretary General of Environment and Social Development Organisation, Dr Hossain Shahriar, said: “The idea that plastic is not that harmful causeS the biggest damage.”
Saying that India has declared 2022 as the year to ban plastic, he observed: “If we do not ban plastic now we will face disastrous consequences.”
Expressing concern, chairman of Medicine and Health and Hope Hospital, Dr Lenin Chowdhury added: “Plastic is one of the ten ingredients causing Cancer; food kept for long in a plastic container becomes contaminated; in addition, plastic is also affecting the earth and the subterranean water.”