E-cigarettes contain poisonous Formaldehyde

Udisa Islam
Published : 02:00, Oct 10, 2019 | Updated : 02:00, Oct 10, 2019

A saleswoman holds an e-cigarette as she demonstrates vaping at the Vape Shop that sells e-cigarette products in Beijing, China January 30, 2019. REUTERSReplacing traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes have become popular on the claims that since these do not have nicotine, the eventual harm to health is minimum. However, a research has found poisonous Formaldehyde which affects the liver, leading to Cancer.
In dissolved form, it’s known as Formalin and used to manufacture paints, polymer, and for long term preservation.
Meanwhile, health ministry is saying that Bangladesh government is thinking about imposing a ban on production and import of all tobacco related products and items that involve inhaling and exhaling smoke using the mouth.
The New England Journal of Medicine says: “E-cigarettes have Formaldehyde that can cause Cancer.”
Health education secretary Sheikh Yousuf Harun said: “We will soon sit for talks with high ups to outlaw import and production all new formats of smoking.”
Assistant professor of clinical pharmacy and pharmacology of Dhaka University, Md Abdul Muhith said: “This is so harmful that it can cause liver Cancer.”
Since a large amount of Formaldehyde is entering the body, the kidneys can also be affected, warned the doctor.
Executive director of anti-tobacco body, A B M Jubayer, said: “We have told the health ministry to ban this since in the USA, this has spread like an epidemic.”
The main targets are students and since dependence on e-cigarettes is still low, steps need to be taken now, he added.