UK likely to open doors for Bangladeshi curry chefs

Munzer Ahmed Chowdhury, London
Published : 21:11, Sep 11, 2019 | Updated : 21:13, Sep 11, 2019

FILE PHOTOThe United Kingdom is likely to open its doors for Bangladeshi curry chefs once again.
Home Minister Priti Patel has announced to introduce ‘vindaloo visas’ to tackle the manpower crisis in the curry industry.
She said that before they introduce a new points-based immigration system post-Brexit, the rules are being changed to make it easier for restaurants to get the highly skilled chefs they need.
A survey showed that several UK restaurants are shutting down for lack of skilled chefs and 95 percent of those restaurants are owned by Bangladeshis.
The British home minister said that any new recruits moving to Britain do not have to meet the £35,800 earning threshold that other workers do.
Caterers and restaurant businesses are of the view that this will pave the way for Bangladesh to send more manpower to Britain.
“The home minister announcing vindaloo visa is extremely hopeful. We are sure that it will create an opportunity for skilled manpower to go to Britain,” UK-based curry industry organisation Bangladesh Caterers Association chief MA Munim.
Meanwhile, there are over 100,000 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants at Britain and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has assured making them legal after Brexit.
However, some are viewing the assurance as merely political as experts are saying that Britain’s economy is not stable enough to give legal citizenship to those people.
Immigration lawyer Biplob Kumar Poddar told Bangla Tribune that Britain’s politics and economy is not stable due to Brexit.
“Even if the home minister announces new visas, everything depends on how long this government will last or what kind of Brexit deal will be implemented,” he said.