New 'ISIS video' in Bangla

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 15:16, Aug 14, 2019 | Updated : 15:19, Aug 14, 2019

Screen grab shows ISIS logo.A new video (8 mins 9 secs) in Bangla purportedly from ISIS in Bengal, released via Telegram on August 9/10 featuring four guys with a call for attacks in Bangladesh, reports ZEE News India.

The new video titled, ‘The Best Outcome is for Pious’. The video released by the Amaq Agency and pro-ISIS Telegram channels shows ISIS operatives, including two in ready-to-go suicide jackets, carrying machine guns and renewing their pledge to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The ISIS operatives speak in Bangla slamming the current government, and also the law enforcement agencies who engage in counter-terrorism operations.  He gives out a possible list of actors to target and threatens mass slaughter.

The speaker ends his speech by calling on Muslims to join ISIS.

The video shows images of government establishments, some images of clerics from religious minorities. It also briefly shows images of former ISIS attackers and Riaz Khan Ahmadzai who injured four people on a train near Wurzburg with an axe before he was shot by police, added the report.