Milk marketers need to monitor production process sincerely: Prof Faroque

DU Correspondent
Published : 22:19, Jul 20, 2019 | Updated : 22:22, Jul 20, 2019

The director of Dhaka University’s Biomedical Research Centre Professor ABM Faroque has said the pasteurized milk marketers must take proper and effective measures to maintain quality.
“There will be no antibiotics [in pasteurized milk] if they maintain all it sincerely,” he said on Saturday (Jul 20).
Speaking at a programme in Dhaka University, Prof Faroque said, “The race to grab market share leave rooms of error in the pasteurization and packaging process.
“If they (manufacturers) are sincere, then there will be no antibiotics in pasteurized milk,” he added.
Dismissing manufacturers’ claim of antibiotics coming from cows, the DU professor said, “These are nothing but efforts to mislead the people with untrue information.”
The university teachers are not testing milk to protect any specific quarter’s interest, Prof Farooque said, “We, in fact, wanted to find out what kind of water— tap or from natural bodies like ponds— are used in producing the milk. But tests found hazardous antibiotic,”
Earlier this month, lab test run by a group of researchers found antibiotics, detergent, coliform bacteria and other forms of hazardous materials in pasteurized milk products available in local markets. Professor Faroque was head of the group.