Anarchy in launch docking results in loss of lives

Shafiqul Islam
Published : 02:30, Jul 09, 2019 | Updated : 15:17, Jul 10, 2019

Many boats caught between launches are capsizing with people drowning. PHOTO/Sazzad HossainAnarchy surrounding the docking of vessels in Sadarghat has taken an extreme form. Many launch drivers are not using the terminals designated for them.
It’s reported that they are docking as per the benefit of the launch owners, which is resulting in accidents.
Many boats caught between launches are capsizing with people drowning.
Relevant people say that such flouting of rules is not stopping despite talks between launch owners and the authority.
Inspection of the launch terminals has shown that the main task of the Ansars is to prevent passengers from disembarking from launches without paying the fare.
Launch owner Shahidul Islam observes: “We are monitoring to ensure that every passenger disembarks at the dock and not on a boat to avoid paying.”
In the current space, 20 launches can dock at one time which is not enough. Therefore, the government has taken the initiative to increase the space of the dock.
The port will extend till China Friendship Bridge. Once this happens, docking ships will be easy and terminals can be separated as per district.
The project worth Tk 6.33 billion has already begun and will finish by two years.
Shipping secretary, Abdus Samad, said: “In addition to expanding the terminal we have also taken steps to increase facilities for passengers.”
Patrols by river police have also risen to ensure passengers do not get off onto boats, he added.