Khaleda Zia’s younger daughter in law in town

Munjer Ahmed Chwodhury, London
Published : 11:29, Oct 11, 2018 | Updated : 11:31, Oct 11, 2018

Sahrmila Rahman Sithi, wife of late Arafat Rahman CocoSahrmila Rahman Sithi, wife of late Arafat Rahman Coco, younger son of Khaleda Zia, has come to Bangladesh to look after/inquire about her mother in law.
This was confirmed by London based, Moinul Islam.
It’s found that since Tarique Rahman and his wife cannot come back due to cases, Sharmila has decided to come. After Coco’s death, she has been living in London with her two daughters. Meanwhile, BNP chairperson is under treatment at BSMMU from 6 October.