Changing social credo triggering mental afflictions

Taskina Yeasmin
Published : 01:30, Oct 11, 2018 | Updated : 01:30, Oct 11, 2018

Changing social credo triggering mental afflictionsAccording to The World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH), every ten minutes, one adolescent teenager girl is dying after facing psychological abuse. On top, due to other forms of abuse, many teenagers are committing suicide.
To create awareness about mental health, 10 October is being observed as the world mental health day with the underlying theme: ‘mental health of youngsters in an evolving world.’
In Bangladesh, due to constant changes in socio political sphere, many teenagers are experiencing psychological problems.
Their travails are manifested in sudden bursts of anger on the road, inability to take jokes lightly and getting violent over smallest of incidents.
Associate Professor of the National Mental Health Institute, Dr. Helaluddin Ahmed, told Bangla Tribune: “with so much socio political change, the outlook of the people has also transformed and that change has hit youngsters the most.”
Consequently, many teenagers unknowingly face undetected psychological problems.
While WFMH underlines the importance to safeguard mental health of young people, it cautions that in the current world, bullying is adversely impacting 83 per cent young people.
The organisation also warns that misuse of technology is triggering psychological abuse, leading to depression, bi-polar disorder, addiction and suicide.