The rise of Bangladesh in ten years

Ashraf Siddiquee Bitu
Published : 18:09, May 14, 2019 | Updated : 17:06, May 15, 2019

Ashraf Siddiquee BituBangladesh has witnessed tremendous success in various spheres during the last ten years. The world is proclaiming us a role model of development. It has become fairly common for other countries of the world to query us about the progress of Bangladesh. They are asking, what is the magic of this march forward to progress.
We solely acknowledge the role of our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Her prudent and farsighted leadership has made such an astonishing advancement possible. The people of the county can be seen enjoying the benefits of economic development. The people have given their mandate to the Awami League led government in elections repeatedly. The prime minister has, in return, done her best for the country and still is working relentlessly.
Bangladesh now is not the same country it was ten years ago. The development spree is very eye-catching which the people had never experienced after August 15, 1975. The changes were all made for the sake of the country and its people.
Making such progress was not very easy, as the country had to face severe hurdles on the road to progress which often led to major changes and improvement in our thinking. Yet we have to go a long way. But, we are highly hopeful we would reach our destined level. Here again, people of the country have taken the right decision, making Awami League victorious in the 11th national parliamentary elections. The Sheikh Hasina government is now having five more years to administer the country. Time is needed to implement the mega projects within the stipulated time initiated by the government.
The Padma Bridge, one of the largest projects, is being built using Bangladesh’s own resources. PIDDigital Bangladesh is now a reality. We have successfully launched Bangabandhu Satellite-1 in the outer space, and the country has started to enjoy the facilities of the satellite. Bangladesh is also a role model in disaster management. More than 50 million people have upgraded to the middle income status and the country has graduated to the level of a developing country.
The Awami League government has vowed that they would fulfil all the pledges placed before the people. The new government is working efficiently to complete the mega projects.
Extreme terrorism is now a global issue. Bangladesh is always in favour of peace, harmony and prosperity. The government has tackled militancy and extremism with strong steps that have been greatly acclaimed by world leaders. Beyond this, the government is continuing its drives against these menaces.
The government is providing all-out support to more than one million Rohingya people who were forcefully deported to Bangladesh, and is also bolstering diplomatic efforts to garner global support to in its bid to repatriate them to Myanmar. The world leaders are with us and that is very significant.
Bangladesh now hosts nearly 1.1 million Rohingyas. PIDOne thing we should keep in mind those who are against the spirit of our great Liberation War and instigate anti-state activities, we must reject them wholeheartedly.
We hope it is quite possible if the current space of developments is maintained, Bangladesh will become a higher mid-income state before 2021 and a modern, prosperous and developed country by 2041. All of us must work concertedly to reach the milestone.
A political activist, Ashraf Siddiquee Bitu serves as an assistant press secretary at the Prime Minister's Office.

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