Tourism paralysed by Coronavirus scare

Chowdhury Akbor Hossain
Published : 06:00, Mar 01, 2020 | Updated : 06:00, Mar 01, 2020

The new fear in the world is Coronavirus which has had an impact on the tourism sector of the country. The number of Bangladeshis going to south-east Asian nations has fallen with many cancelling their previous bookings.
Eleven Vietnamese citizens who were supposed to come to Bangladesh through Bizcon Holidays have cancelled their trips.
Executive official of Bizcon Holidays, Taslim Amin Shovon, said: “Due to Coronavirus fear, the rate of tour cancellations has risen, trips to India are being cancelled too which is a crisis for those in the business”.
Several flights have suspended their flights to China. From Bangladesh, flights have been reduced. US Bangla is operating three flights, down from seven and Biman has also reduced flights to Thailand and Singapore.
China Southern has reduced flights from Bangladesh to China.
Secretary general of Pacific Asia Travel Limited, Toufiq Rahman, said: “We have to create reliance among the people so people are not afraid to come to Bangladesh for tourism.”
Toufiq Rahman, who operate a tour operator called Journey Plus, says: “Several groups which were supposed to come from Slovenia, Ukraine, Poland and other European countries have cancelled their visits.”