Bangabandhu’s directions to get the country in order

Udisa Islam
Published : 21:00, Feb 27, 2020 | Updated : 21:00, Feb 27, 2020

Bangabandhu gave warning about reckless behaviour, occupation of homes and abuse of power; He also gave speeches to inspire the people of the country.
He went to three rallies outside the capital and everywhere, talked about the submission of weapons, the responsibility of freedom fighters, need for an agricultural revolution, repatriation of Bangladeshis stuck in Pakistan and the need for trying war criminals.
Bangabandhu also asked people occupying houses and vehicles illegally to return them to the government by Feb 29. He warned of stern measures if anyone failed to do so.
He also asked all members of the freedom fighter forces to leave their camps by Feb 29.
"Members of the freedom fighters can join the police force of the Jatiya Rakhi Bahini; the government will give special privileges to fighters who want to pursue education or other professions.”
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur RahmanAddressing farmers, he observed: “You have to take the responsibility to make the country self-sufficient; through agriculture revolution, the country will be self-reliant in food grain. Farmers should be active in making use of all cultivable land.”
Expressing deep respect for the women who faced torture and abuse during the war, he asked the people to show them proper respect.
At an event held at the Engineers Institute, he recalled the role of USSR in the liberation war, adding: “The Soviet Union has won the hearts of the people by their support.”
Director of Bangla Academy Kabir Chowdhury observed: “Until the collaborators are tried, the plan to establish democracy will fail.”
At a rally, student leader ASM Abdur Rab, observed: “Why do we have to demand justice for the killing of intellectuals? This is the duty of the government.”