Bangabandhu asked Bhutto to recognize Bangladesh

Udisa Islam
Published : 21:00, Feb 18, 2020 | Updated : 21:00, Feb 18, 2020

Bangabandhu asked Pakistani president Zulfiqer Ali Bhutto to accept reality and acknowledge Bangladesh.
On this day in 1972, Bangabandhu said that the economy of Bangladesh would be better than that of Pakistan and the people of this country would be better off in the future.
While talking to a representative of UPI, he said: “Pakistan handloom industry has lost a market of 75 million people; Bangladesh has resources to earn foreign currency.”
The Pakistani army has destroyed virtually everything, including killing our intellectuals and devastating our communication system. In addition, around 10 million people who left the country during the war are coming back; they also need help.”
Within two, three months, monsoon will come and so, assistance is crucial, added Bangabandhu.
Though Bangabandhu harboured a favourable attitude towards the American people, he was not sympathetic towards the Nixon administration.
Stating that the US government took a policy to supply weapons to Pakistan, he asked: “How could they support an army committing genocide?”
A Pakistan foreign office press conference told journalists that around 400,000 Bangladeshis stranded in Pakistan are willing to go back to Bangladesh. It was also related that the Biharis in Bangladesh will be taken back as a last resort.
On Feb 18, 1969 defying a curfew, the people came on the streets and on that day chemistry teacher of Rajshahi University, Dr. Shamsuzzoha was killed.
On Feb 15, sergeant Zohurul Huq was killed by the army and when the people exploded in protest, the government imposed curfew.