Bangabandhu made sudden visits to offices to see attendance

Udisa Islam
Published : 21:00, Feb 12, 2020 | Updated : 21:05, Feb 12, 2020

After forming government, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman called on everyone to work together to reconstruct the economy of the country. For this, he also asked the government officials to work hard.

Bangabandhu went to several offices to see the presence of workers. He also warned that measures will be taken against those who neglect their duties.

One day, he went on a surprise visit to the secretariat and found many to be absent.

Bangabandhu also mentioned in an interview that history will try the US government. In an interview given to an Indian paper, he underlined how the US consulate general boycotted the inauguration of Bangladesh event and humiliated the country.

When the newspaper reported asked: Why didn’t you kick the Americans out? Bangabandhu replied with a smile: why should I do it, history will kick them out.

By this time, Soviet Union, Britain and France had given recognition to Bangladesh and BSS reported, saying: Three countries of the five in the security council have recognized Bangladesh as an independent and sovereign nation which is a matter of delight for us.”