National Cancer Control Council inactive for ten years

Jakia Ahmed
Published : 04:00, Feb 05, 2020 | Updated : 04:00, Feb 05, 2020

A general view of National Cancer Control Council in DhakaThe National Cancer Council was formed in 2009 but in the last ten years, this institute was not found to be involved in any visible work. Specialists have said that hospital based Cancer registration began in the country in 2005 but only registration is not sufficient.
According to them, reconstructing the National Cancer Council is important. Today, Feb 4, the international Cancer Day is being observed all over the world. Form 2019 till 2021, the theme of the day is: “I will remain unwavering in the fight against Cancer.”
As per the assumed account of International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) every year, 150,000 people are affected by Cancer with 8,000 deaths.
Relevant quarters have said that though a five year Cancer Control Strategy was introduced, very little of it was implemented.
They have said that the National Cancer Control Council is almost inactive.
The health minister is the president of the council while the director of National Cancer Institute the secretary.
However, this does not have any activity.
Reportedly, the lion’s share of the funds allotted for Cancer is spent on infrastructure and modern treatment while allotment for detection and screening is scant.
Several doctors have said: “People coming from remote parts of the country with relatives face intolerable situation and with the rising number of patients, one government institute is inadequate.”
Of the 19 hospitals that have radio therapy, most ray machines are not in operation.
A patient has to wait two to three weeks for chemotherapy and 4 months for ray treatment. As a result 75 percent patients are either dying or facing economic difficulties.
Associate professor of National Cancer Research Institute and Hospital, Dr Habibullah Talukder Raskin, said: “We need to re develop the National Cancer Control Council.”