Bangabandhu elaborated on his policy to media on Jan 14, 1972

Udisa Islam
Published : 00:00, Jan 15, 2020 | Updated : 16:57, Jan 15, 2020

Saying that the government has taken an overall plan to establish a new economy in the country, Bangabandhu elaborated on his policy on Jan 14, 1972.
He also talked about appointing skilled economists. Bangabandhu said: “The economy is shattered and the main task is to remake and restructure it. We must ensure food, shelter and clothes. The academic institutions need to be started again and education provided to people from all sections of society.”
Rehabilitation and relief will continue, said the father of the nation.
He also said: “The Pakistan army has destroyed the economic structure and on the debris of devastation, a new social system will be developed. The system will be socialist. I call for foreign assistance in re-forming the economy.”
Bangabandhu also praised the people for showing tolerance towards collaborators and said: “I am giving you my word; those responsible for the atrocities will be punished. We must not forget that punishment has to be meted out within a just system and rule of law. We are taking steps soon to ensure proper function of the judiciary.”
Saying that the policy to separate judiciary from administration will be evaluated, Bangabandhu observed: “We will soon call for the people’s council to formulate a draft administration policy.”
He also assured employment for those who were wounded in the war and were under treatment in hospital.
“The young who fought for the country deserve proper place in society so they may be able to devote their lives to the reconstruction of the country.”
On Jan 14, a decision was taken to select a design for an independence monument and a committee was also formed in this regard. Meanwhile, AL’s organogram stated that if a member cannot have both a government and a party post. In line with the rules, Bangabandhu decided to vacate the post as party head.
As head of the government, he said that amity will be the main pillar of the foreign policy and he expressed a desire to turn Bangladesh into Switzerland of the east.
In April, Bangladesh Sangbad Sangshta (BSS) made a special report on Bangabandhu’s life during the war. The report stated that on Mar 25, the Pakistan army attacked his home, strafed the house with machine gun fire and ransacked it; later, he was arrested and taken away and kept inside the cantonment. On Apr 1, he was flown to Karachi and on Apr 4, 1971, was transferred to Minwali jail and kept in solitary confinement.
He was not allowed to meet anyone, write to anyone, read papers or listen to the radio.
Talking about when he knew that the country had become liberated, he commented: “I started the movement and I knew when we became independent.”