Ilias Kanchan's 24-hour ultimatum to Shajahan Khan

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 17:32, Dec 11, 2019 | Updated : 17:35, Dec 11, 2019

Ilias Kanchan at a Nischa press conference held in protest against the remarks made by the former minister at Dhaka`s National Press Club on Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019Road safety campaigner and former moviestar Ilias Kanchan has given transport workers' union leader Shajahan Khan a 24-hour ultimatum to come up with evidence backing claims of financial discrepancies over the Nirapad Sarak Chai (Nischa - We demand safe road) campaign he founded.
"If you (Shajahan) have the courage, show us the evidence of your claims," he said on Wednesday (Dec 11).
Ilias also urged the ruling MP Shajahan to stop spreading propaganda against his family and organization.
He made the statement at a media briefing in Dhaka held protesting the remarks made by the former shipping minister.
Calling Shajahan to join him on live television, Ilias blamed that Shajahan of spearheading a smear campaign against him, his family and the members of his organization.
Responding to a query from the media, the former moviestar said he now fears for his life as Shajahan has incited transport workers against him.
Shajahan's bid aims to mislead the nation as well as prevent the implementation of the new road laws, according to him.
On Dec 8, Shajahan, who heads the Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation (BRTWF), claimed that Ilias Kanchan has embezzled millions made as donations to his road safety campaign.
Dismissing the allegations, Ilias said on Wednesday that his organisation is registered as an NGO since 2015 and that it's operated by donations from only members. "We do not receive any foreign donations."