'Babri Masjid verdict will not cause tension in Bangladesh'

Published : 19:27, Nov 09, 2019 | Updated : 19:47, Nov 09, 2019

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen addresses a press conference at the Foreign Ministry on Friday, June 28, 2019 FOCUS BANGLA/File PhotoForeign minister AK Abdul Momen has expected the Indian Supreme Court verdict on Babri Mosque issue in their Ayodhya state to cause no tension in Bangladesh and wished peace to prevail in India as well.
“We won’t be in any tension regarding this (Ayodhya land dispute verdict),” he told newsmen after inaugurating the South Asian Karate Championship in the capital on Saturday (Nov 9).
Momen said, simultaneously, “We will expect that peace will prevail also in India”.
The minister said the heritage of interfaith harmony in Bangladesh would help keep peace in Bangladesh where “all of us — Muslims, Christians, Hindus and (Buddhists) are living in harmony”.
“We will study the verdict (of Indian SC) but we will not be in tension,” Momen said declining to comment further as he was yet to go through the verdict.
The foreign minister said that he would request the home minister to be vigilant so that no one can create any tension in the country capitalizing the verdict.
Indian Supreme Court today delivered its verdict on the Ayodhya land dispute case cleared the way for construction of a Ram Temple on 2.77 acres of the land and directed the central government to form a trust by the next three months for construction of the temple at the site.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while appealing for peace and unity after the verdict said the verdict by the Supreme Court will reaffirm people’s faith in the judicial process.
Indian National Congress in a statement urged all concerned to “abide by the secular values and spirit of fraternity enshrined in our Constitution and to maintain peace and harmony”.
The Muslim forum of Sunni Waqf Board of India, however, expressed dissatisfaction with the judgment saying “the Ayodhya verdict has a lot of contradiction”.
The board’s legal counsel Zafaryab Jilani said that they would seek a review of the verdict by the Indian apex court itself.


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