Rajshahi border skirmish won’t dent Indo-Bangla relations

Jamal Uddin
Published : 23:47, Oct 22, 2019 | Updated : 00:08, Oct 23, 2019

Flag of India (left) and Banglades. FILE PHOTOTwo cases have been lodged in two countries over the BGB-BSF border skirmish near Charghat area of Rajshahi. As per information of the international media, a murder case was lodged by Indian border force (BSF), against BGB of Bangladesh.

BGB, on the other hand, filed a case for illegal entry into Bangladesh territory and catching egg carrying mother Hilsa.
In this incident, an Indian national war arrested by BGB.
In cases where the countries have cordial relations, such cases are usually settled amicably. Military specialist air commodore (retd) Ishfaq Elahi, said: “After the killing of Felani we lodged a case which is running at India’s high court.”
Since a BSF member was killed, they have to lodge a case because that person is a government employee and his family is entitled to benefits in case death has been in uniform.
BSF should not have entered Bangladesh in such a manner; this has happened at the lower ranks and no officer was engaged from either side, said Ishfaq, adding: “This will not hamper Indo-Bangla relations.”
Another security specialist, AK Mohammad Ali Sikder (retd) says: “This won’t dent the strong relationship between both countries and is just an isolated incident.”
Supreme-court, lawyer Aminul Islam, adds: “Under Indian law, a case can be lodged against a foreigner; if a foreigner commits a crime in Bangladesh then s/he will be tried under Bangladeshi legal system.”
In some cases, there can be prisoner swaps too, added the lawyer.
“In Rajshahi, the BGB acted to safeguard the sovereignty of Bangladesh and their action was right.”
Advocate Shamim Sardar of Bangladesh Supreme Court Lawyers’ Association, said: “As far as I know, there is an agreement with India about handing over of criminals of one country arrested in the other; but there isn’t any agreement which states that a person facing a case has to be returned.”