BUET students want regular interaction with teachers

Udisa Islam
Published : 09:50, Oct 22, 2019 | Updated : 15:57, Oct 27, 2019

A general view of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. PHOTO/Sazzad HossainAfter revoking student politics, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) is thinking of other ways to solve the problems of students. Already, there has been a proposal made from the students to hold regular student-teacher meetings.
Students say that irrespective of the problems arising in the future, a process to directly interact with the administration is needed.
Former director of student welfare department, Professor Delwar Hossain says: “Student politics was banned before but was not implemented; if we want to see the current ban revoked, the gap between students and teachers should be reduced.”
“During my tenure, more than 100 students were punished of whom, 70 percent belonged to Chhatra League; when I took a position against Chhatra League, I was labelled BNP-Jamaat,” said Hossain.
If exams are not postponed, drug usage is banned and the forcible occupation of rooms prevented, the environment will become better.
There are hundreds of motorcycles at the halls, but only the ones which belong to students should be kept, he feels.
The acting director of student welfare department (DSW), Md Abdul Basit told Bangla Tribune: “We have got the chance to bring back a conducive environment and will do so by learning from past mistakes.”
Since there won’t be any politics, teacher-student interaction will settle many of the problems, he says, adding: “We should not consider a student’s party affiliation and treat him/her only as a student.”
A teacher of the computer science and engineering department says: “The administration is not opening up about the number of investigation committees that were formed after the Abrar killing.”
Students feel that general teacher-student assembly must be held on a regular basis where everyone will work together to solve critical issues.
“Let’s see how that works, at present we do not want a student union either,” he added.