Govt’s award for dedicated service and integrity

Shafiqul Islam
Published : 23:27, Oct 18, 2019 | Updated : 14:16, Oct 19, 2019

Bangladesh Secretariat. FILE PHOTOTo improve the performance of official organisations and increase efficiency, the government has launched special schemes in line with a work plan titled ‘National Integrity Strategy’. Cabinet sources say that those who provide the best facilities will be given the best practice award.
Regarding the implementation of best practices, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said: “We are committed to establishing good governance and to achieve that aim, a variety of strategies has been implemented; stern steps are being taken against corruption.”
The constitution of 1972 incorporated several government pledges such as 1. Ensuring an egalitarian society by freeing people from oppression, 2. Assurance of basic human rights and freedom, 3. Respect and value for all humans 4. Ensuring equal opportunities for all citizens, 5. Aa equitable distribution of property among people, 6. Ensuring the participation of women at all layers of development, 7. Providing wages as per a person’s skills etc.
To encourage honest and best practices, the award was conceived and among people eligible to win is senior secretary of a ministry, one person from grade 1 to grade 10, one person from grade 11 to grade 20, field-level worker of a ministry and field level worker from the district level.
Performance assessment will be on 100 marks and a person to be considered must have 18 qualities which include: professional skill, honesty, integrity, empathy, diligence, proper behaviour towards colleagues, leadership etc.
People winning over 80 out of 100 will be eligible for the award. The winner will get a certificate and one month’s salary as a financial incentive.
Cabinet Secretary Shafiul Alam said: “Those who neglect duties will be rebuked and those who respect the laws will be awarded; this award is part of the government’s pledge to the people.”