Several 'director' posts at Biman vacant

Chowdhury Akbor Hossain
Published : 06:00, Oct 17, 2019 | Updated : 06:00, Oct 17, 2019

A general view of Biman Bangladesh Airlines head office in DhakaThe Government-owned Biman Bangladesh Airlines has eight director-level posts, but several people were appointed despite lacking any experience of working in the airline sector. Some lost their jobs for negligence. several posts are vacant and dg level officials are currently appointed in an acting capacity.
The marketing and sales department of Biman is the worst hit.
Biman Bangladesh Airlines was found on Jan 4, 1972. From 2014, the national carrier has had several CEOs, including a British national.
The last acting Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mosaddek Ahmed, was removed on charges of corruption. He served till Apr 30, 2019. Then director of flight operations, captain Farhat Hassan Jamil, served from May 1 till Sept 12.
Biman published a circular for the post of MD and CEO and 70 persons applied, including 12 foreigners. But since the right person was not found, additional secretary of the ministry of civil aviation and tourism, Mokabbir Hossain, took over.
Biman sources say that despite having no experience in working for an airlines, air commodore (retd) Md Mahbub Jahan Khan and Group Captain (retd) Khondokar Sajjad Rahim, were made directors of planning and engineering and material management divisions respectively.
Biman has eight divisions:
All administrative decisions come from this department. Currently, the director of this section is under a joint secretary, Ziauddin Ahmed.
Cargo and ticket sales are under this section and are in the worst state of all, due to corruption. Ali Ahsan Babu has been in charge since Feb 8, 2017.
Indian national Vineet Sudh has been working as a director since Sept 1, 2015.
Captain Farhat Hassan Jamil has been serving as director since May 8, 2016.
Biman has been plagued by allegations of aberrations, venality and authoritarianism. Secretary of the ministry of civil aviation and tourism, Md. Mohibul Huq said: “Of the eight directorial posts at Biman, several are unfilled and cannot be manned because the existing officials at Biman cannot perform these duties. Since promotions were hindered, indiscipline persists.”
“We are trying to give promotions to deserving persons and, hopefully, within 6 to 9 months will find the right senior officials for the appointment,” said the secretary.