All schools to come under CCTV coverage

SM Abbas
Published : 07:30, Oct 09, 2019 | Updated : 09:26, Oct 09, 2019

 A security camera sits on a building in New York City March 6, 2008. REUTERSThe government has taken a plan to install CCTV cameras at all educational institutes of the country; initially, this will be ensured at all academic establishments of the city and then, all institutions across the country will be brought under the scheme.
Decision has also been taken to ensure digital attendance at the education institutes.
Education ministry sources say that the matters were discussed at a coordination meeting held on Sept 19 last, presided over by the senior secretary of the secondary and higher secondary education.
The decisions were taken to ensure security at all academic institutes. DG of Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics, BANBEIS, said: “under BANBEIS, digital attendance is being prepared.”
Senior secretary of the ministry of secondary and higher secondary education board, Sohrab Hossain, added: “The CCTV camera installment will cover the city first and then the rest of the country, but the issue also needs government approval since there is a huge budget involved.”