DSCC starts giving free Aerosol cans to holding residents

Shahed Shafiq
Published : 02:00, Aug 19, 2019 | Updated : 02:00, Aug 19, 2019

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) is distributing mosquito repellent, Aerosol, free of cost to city residents but there are allegations about the slow pace of delivery.
There is a discussion underway to distribute aerosol cans to homes. DSCC says that Aedes mosquitoes are born in clear water which has been stagnant for three or more days. The possible breeding places are rooftops, flower tubs, abandoned tyres, basins, commodes, and water from air conditioners or fridges.
By distributing free Aerosol, the DSCC is trying to bring the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes under control. The Aerosol lot was bought last month and the drive inaugurated by DSCC mayor, Mohammad Sayeed Khokon, on Jul 29.
On that day, he handed over Aerosol cans to the headmaster of Suritola Primary School. DSCC sources said that for 163,000 holding owners, 763 schools and 775 mosques, 200,000 Aerosol cans were bought. Till Friday, 30,000 were distributed.
As per government purchase rule, the ACI produced Aerosol can be bought for Tk 288 each. Initially, 200,000 cans worth Tk 57.6 million were bought, but if necessary, more would be purchased.
The cans are given to holding owners in DSCC and not general people. The DSCC will need Tk 180 million to give cans to everyone but the corporation does not have such an amount, though initiatives can be taken with special government allocation.
Chief revenue official of DSCC, Yousuf Ali Sardar refuted the allegation of delays in Aerosol distribution, saying: “Cans have already been given to 763 education institutes and 775 mosques; we have distributed 30,000 cans so far and have informed the residents through newspaper ads.”
“We are thinking of delivering the cans to homes,” he said.
A resident of Khilgaon says: “I went to DSCC and after showing the tax receipt, was given an Aerosol, can; I have sprayed the repellent three times and cannot see any mosquitoes now.”
Another resident of Mohammadpur adds: “We were asked to show the tax receipt which is inconvenient; the city corporation has tax receipts and based on that, it can send Aerosol cans to all homes; residents might not feel like going through the trouble of getting a Tk 300 Aerosol can.”