Govt warns citizens against lynching, spreading rumours

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 22:58, Jul 22, 2019 | Updated : 22:59, Jul 22, 2019

Representational imageAmid the recent string of lynchings, the government has urged citizens not to take the law into their own hands rather reports suspicious individuals to police.
In a note issued on Monday (Jul 22), it pointed out that lynching and spreading rumours were punishable offences.
“Such acts (lynching) are a serious punishable offence,” BSS reported citing the statement.
People have been asked to inform the police of suspicious individuals. “Anyone can take assistance dialling 999,” the government handout read.
Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Police headquarters have directed superintendents (SPs) across the country to step up efforts to prevent lynchings.
SPs have been ordered to file updates on preventive measures within three days.
It asked all police unit chiefs to strengthen vigilance and patrol at educational institutions alongside holding meetings with school teachers, governing body members, staff and guardians.
The circular sought appropriate steps so the school teachers and staff ensure that students leave the educational institutions with their guardians after school hours.
The police headquarters also asked school authorities to install CCTV cameras on their compounds and nearby areas.
The police headquarters simultaneously urged people in neighbourhoods to inform immediately the local police stations or units if they come across any rumour.
Police supers and other unit chiefs were instructed to hold courtyard meetings with local public representatives, field-level administrative officials, civil society members, community police members and ordinary people to make them aware of the fatal outcome of rumours.
The police headquarters also ordered local police authorities to intensify surveillance particularly in urban slums and take steps to arrange special lecture sessions by Imams at every mosque of the country aiming to prevent rumours.
It also asked police personnel to create public awareness through social media.
Earlier on July 20, the police headquarters issued a statement cautioning people against rumours involving child lifting and describing the killing of anyone based on rumour as a serious criminal offence.
“Killing of anyone in mass beating based on child-lifting rumour is a criminal offence . . . don’t take the laws into own hands,” the police statement said.