Police units across Bangladesh warned over mob lynching

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 17:00, Jul 22, 2019 | Updated : 17:02, Jul 22, 2019

A general view of Police HeadquartersThe Police Headquarters office has directed superintendents of all district police to take necessary measures to raise awareness and stop the spreading of rumors of child abduction and mob lynching.
In an official order issued on late Sunday, the Police HQ gave several directives with a focus on educational institutes, public awareness, social media monitoring and issuing public notices for print and electronic media.
For educational institutes, directives were given to increase patrolling and surveillance, raising awareness among teachers, school staff, guardians and students, and installing closed-circuit cameras covering all areas of the institutes.
The Police HQ also asked respective officials to raise awareness in their respective areas about not paying heed to rumors of child abduction, by distributing leaflets, posters and announcements over loudspeakers.
The monitoring of social media sites – such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and blogs – for provocative or misleading posts, and taking immediate action, has also been advised.
It also asked respective officials to file a report within three working days with the Police HQ through email or fax about the actions taken as per the directives.