Digital Security Agency policy finalised

S M Abbas
Published : 14:00, Jun 13, 2019 | Updated : 16:59, Jun 16, 2019

Information and communication technology department is not thinking about carrying out the suggested amendments to the Digital Security Act. Instead, the draft of the Digital Security Agency Policy - 2019 have been finalised. The policy will be sent to the ministry of law in the next one week for vetting.
Secretary of the department of information and technology department, N M Ziaul Alam, said: “a policy has been finalised to implement the Digital Security Act.”
Additional secretary of the same department, Md. Rashedul Islam, added: “to ensure cyber security, there is provision for more policies in the act; this act has not been formulated to punish anyone; its aim is to safeguard national security.”
The draft underlines the roles of National Computer Emergency Team and Computer Emergency Response team plus the establishment of international standard forensic laboratory.
The role of the digital security agency is to control and prevent crimes committed using digital devices and technology.
The chairman of the agency will be secretary of the department of information and technology. In addition, the executive committee will include DG of the agency, representatives from BTRC and National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre, BTMC.
The Computer Emergency Response Team will take instant action in case there is threat of cyber-attack. It will also work with international cyber-crime prevention teams. The draft policy mentions that adequate manpower will be provided for the agency.